Glacier is a new random map for Single-player or Multiplayer use. This is a map best for 2 team play - but FFA play has been enabled.
The map is rectangular, with players starting along the more distant ends of the longer dimension, which is 1.5x the shorter dimension (and size varies by player number). This map is only slightly larger than most standard ES maps, and smaller than the ES 'large' series. Players start on a mountainous highland area on opposite sides of a wide glacier. On each side is the usual amount of forest and a few herds of bighorn sheep, elk and/or caribou, but only one silver mine per player. There is one trade route and one or two Nootka villages (dependant on player number) on each side of the map as well. The only extra mines are located on a few exposed mountain tops protruding above the middle of the icefield, and these are gold mines, worth 2.5 times as much coin as the usual silver mines.

Treasues or nuggets are placed as a total of 5 per player per map - 2 of the easy ones nearby, and 3 of increased difficulty further off, plus a couple of hard nuggets on the glacial mountain tops.

There is random variation in the lighting feature for a little variety, and in some of the huntable animal choice. There are no domestic animals on this map.

This map produces extremely fair, balanced maps for 2 team play. Gameplay differs in that it is harder to forward-build than usual due to the presence of the glacier ice, a terrain which limits building. You either have to build on the enemy's side of the map or hope to cram in a couple military buildings on the exposed mountain tops - and it is not always possible on every mountain to build up the size of forward base you might be used to. Because of the limited mines on each side, control of the glacial gold mines is crucial. Most players will tower these resources as soon as they can afford to.