This scenario depicts the English siege of French-occupied Fort Niagara in 1759.

Situated on the shores of Lake Ontario, Fort Niagara was protected by extensive, European-style earthen outworks: a glacis, ditch, and a covered way stretching across the peninsula and screening the castle and other buildings within the ramparts.

As the British gathered forces at Oswego, the Iroquois formed a military alliance with the British, hoping to weaken the French position in the Ohio.

On July 10, 1759, Brigadier General John Prideaux laid siege to Niagara. The defence of the fort was lead by Captain Pierre Pouchot. If Niagara fell, the French would lose their portage route to Lake Erie.


This is a very militaristic scenario focused on realisitic combat. Since this scenario is about attacking a fort, powerful siege weapons are necessary. The cannon fire can get very intense and exciting sometimes! Lots of musketfire, cavalry charges, and counterattacks make this scenario a constant battle. Excellent triggers and effects make this map much better than the original Age of Empires III campaign maps. The map is very well balanced (not too hard, but not too easy). This good balance is accomplished through clear objectives and alternate paths to victory. Botolf cleverly designs a way for this scenario to last longer, so you don't "rush" the AI. However, this method can actually bog you down sometimes by making the game too long. There are also several rewarding secondary objectives that can help you out significantly. Unfortunately, you get few reinforcements. Some of the pathways through the map are not well designed. The large numbers of units also require a powerful computer. Overall, this map will be great for those who love large battles and sieges. Don't play it if you like micromanagement, economy, and naval combat.

Reviewed by Suleyman_Eisenhower
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