Transcontinental is a new random map for Single-player or Multiplayer use. The map starts opponents on opposite shores of a continent, which you must cross to engage the enemy. The setup is a little like the old AOK map Scandinavia, except that the map is rectangular. The players occupy the more distant ends of the longer dimension, which is 2.4x the shorter dimension (and size varies, like the standard ES maps, by player number). This gives a lot longer distance to the enemy than on standard maps. Player starting positions will randomly vary among 4 starting quadrants, as the direction of the orientation of the rectangle can vary along 2 different axes. The map is significantly larger than the standard ES maps. For example, for 2 players the size is 400 tiles by 960 tiles (Carolina 316 tiles diameter), for 4 players the size is 529 tiles x 1270 tiles (Carolina 447 tiles diameter), for 6 players the size is 615 tiles x 1475 tiles (Carolina 525 tiles diameter), for 8 players the size is 669 tiles x 1606 tiles (Carolina 580 tiles diameter). Of course the difference in map area is more dramatic. Because of the size, players with slow computers or connection problems should attempt playing with larger player numbers at their own risk.