Age of Empires 3 de game intricacies to beat
This game is for those who play Ottoman and Moderate mode.
Attention! These instructions do not fit on every computer.
-1.SEVİYE: We are given 6 workers in the vote. 3 of them from the wall (mill) to run and you are working to win meat. Collect 800 of these meat to get them to the level 2. Get two of the workers to the tree cutting, and one house (house) (as long as you are ready to do so). You will already have one farmer doing these things. Take him to the tree cutting because the meat and the number of trees are equal. In the meantime, give 3 gold for the other future workers. share it with eternity, underneath, with odd share. Keep it in the house-house worker.
I will not put you in the second level. I will not put you to the workers. Share it as you like. 2You know the soldier's age. You have one more worker next to the house worker. He has 2 worker barracks, , blockhouse (archer barracks). After you have done, do not buy soldiers immediately click on the cards with your cards and go to the city. Go before you go to see if the number of people increase is full. If the house is full, you can go to the city and you can go to the city. You will see the ottoman in the city. There is a section called Level 2 (II) in the division. There are already soldiers in there. You can get 3 of them and 3 of them. You can get 4 of them. You have a fort wagon (castle wagon) If you have a card and return to the city by clicking on the flag again.You will soon arrive at the town center (city center) you want to forget. n.Fort your wagon if you want to come up.When you want to build your wall fortress (fortress) tightly to hold your goal.It is a long time to explain the purpose of doing it, but only in the future to use the new fortlarığını know you need to go to the level 3, the enemies will organize a small attack to try you.
-3.SEVIA: Hold your hand tightly in this section. Although there is a need for labor in this section, you need more troops.No one of your friends may have not made your enemy, but you should surround them with walls.Don't forget these walls make up the shape of your city. Do not make big, do not make small, do it in the middle. Make sure that your city is not too small. It is better if you do it on the second level. Do not hold too many soldiers here. build up the mosque (mosque), arsenal (ammunition) for the building workers.The economy will increase your power, you will increase your power.Camide can get advantages such as speeding up human increase, more people, making the walls concrete.In the meantime imam is also the imam healer, (ammunition) makes the weapons more superior, the strokes become more effective, the features such as being faster are carried. The war is waiting for us if it is understood from the explanation. If we survive in the home, if we succeed in defeating enemies there are wagons that set up the archer's club called outpost wagon even with our cards for the help that will be called as outpost (archer) (advocate). If you survive now, I will go to level 4.
-4.SEVIE: Now the enemy attacks will be powerless.Our skill is a little bit harder after this technf the fort can be destroyed, but if it is destroyed, we can get the new one from the card.After this, there is only one trick you will have left behind.Open the map and write the map.Where are the enemies, archer barracks, find out where they are heavy, where they are outpost because they can not produce troops anymore. Assume that we destroy them, the workers of the enemies will do those barracks at the same time.Don't let the workers kill the soldiers.Next the town centers are destroyed so that they can not make new workers.If they do, You can try it but it would be better if you did it at 5th level.