Transfer System & Track Layout;
You players will have the right to change and manage your team with the transfer system customized to Fifa Respected League.
Players from other teams you struggle to buy, hire and swap players against the budget.
A special Hamachi network address will be opened for transfers.
The footballers in the league will not be a real discipline and easy to acquire.
You will not be able to buy POINT to increase the features of the players.
In the league, the players with the goal kicks are 10 winners.
The Transfer Base will be based on the qualifications of the divisional teams based on the league.
For example; Real Madrid will have 50 million dollars, while Bordeaux, Villareal, Marseille and other teams will have 150 million dollars.
In order to improve the teams on this count, they will evaluate the budget items in the event such as the player attribute plus, the free agent (the players in the teams who are not in the league).
From time to time, Football players will be open.
At the end of the transfer season, the Top Transfer List will open and the best transfers will be posted there until the end of the strike.

Forma Sales Revenues:
88-95 overal transfers between players 30 million
20- million of player transfers between 85-87 overals
10- million of player transfers between 84-86 overals
5 million in player transfer between 80-83 overal
You earn a budget.

From time to time you can earn money by releasing the player on the player screaming which will be opened during the transfer season.

No borrowing is allowed from any player in the league.

Free-agent allows you to transfer players from the clubs in the Respected League.
The teams that will benefit from this limit are limited, you will follow these limitations already in the system and other topics.
Güncellenice to ...
Each team may bid in the direction of free agent rights and budget.
You can sell your free-agent rights to other managers.
Important Note: The bids are based on the raising method, and the first person who writes for the first time in a row matches the rules of the football.
The appropriate sample message has been updated at the bottom.
Important Note 2: Abez, who is in Yamada, bad news for the managers who got the footballer with the mistaken overtop, the footballer has the right to cancel the management of the footballer, the managers do not have the right to appeal it.
You are not allowed to edit your messages under the topic without any excuse. When you make a wrong offer, you can verify the message with a new message.
In the meantime, the people who are doing message editing will receive a 10m fee and will be disqualified.
Ayrica Subject will be deleted without question.
Legend players will be void in the offers made.